Cooperate Wellness Services

Health status of employees directly influences their work behaviour, attendance and on-the-job performance. At Yego, we aim at improving  your employee wellbeing which will consequently increase productivity and make you more profitable.

We support your organisational goals on the premise that employee wellness initiatives must be an intrinsic part of your culture for greater results.

By creating an integrated plan of action, we have experience working directly and strategically with different types of industries in providing the following services:

  • With workplace Health screening service
  • Executive Life and Health Coaching
  • Comprehensive fitness in the workplace program (read more)
  • Team building, retreats facilitation, & planning sessions moderation
  • Occupational Health Risk assessment, monitoring and Advisory
  • Employee Assistance Programme read more
  • Wellness day
  • Health and wellness policy and strategy formulation (Read more)

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